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Hey ya'll! Gbabe here. Today I have decided to share a deck that I have been using for quite a while and it has been helping me progress in Legendary Arena. As seen in the screenshot above, it requires Hog Rider, Miner, Skeleton Army, Musketeer, Graveyard, Fireball, The Log, and The Inferno Tower.

The average elixir cost of this deck isn't too bad, (3.8) but don't get carried away. The big push is Graveyard, Miner, and Hog Rider. Each card has to be played right and at the right time to make an effective push. Below is an card analyzer, and I'm going to show you how I use this deck.

1.) Hog Rider

The Hog Rider is the main damage dealer in this deck. He is fast and does a really good amount of damage when it get to your opponent's tower. If your opponent doesn't want to take damage, he needs to take care of the hog rider quickly (and he should :P). This is where The Log come in.

2.) The Log

When The Log was first released, it was named "the worst legendary" and "the poo log". However, after the buffs that SuperCell gave The Log, it is now used by many people. The log is unique and there is no other card like it. Usually, people use the Skeleton Army to counter the Hog Rider (many are using it since the update). The beastly Log can clear the path for the Hog Rider. When the opponent see you have the log, they are forced to be more careful on WHEN they decide to put down the Skeleton Army. This is why it is important to save the Log for when you really need it.

3.) Inferno Tower

One of the most used defensive building in CR. It burns through big tanks with high HP like The Giant, The Golem, and The Royal Giant. The IT makes the opponent spend elixir to take care of the IT and your opponent has to build their pushes carefully.

4.) Skeleton Army

There's not much to say about this card. It's an ARMY. Use it to swarm enemies, but BEWARE. It is vulnerable to Zap, Arrows, The Log, and Fireball. DO NOT use it as your primary card for defense. Use it when you don't have the Inferno Tower in your cycle yet.

5.) Musketeer

The Musketeer packs a really big punch for he elixir cost. She can take down the Dragon, Balloons, Barbarians, and many other cards. Use her wisely though because only she, the fireball, and the Inferno Tower can attack air troops.

6.) The Miner

One of my personal favorite legendaries. He can take out elixir pumps and serve as a distraction for troops and towers. In this deck, I use him and the Graveyard to distract the towers from attacking the Hog Rider. Be unpredictable with him. Don't be putting him in the same places in the arena or the opponent will be able to take him out fast and he won't serve as a surprise attack anymore.

7.) The Graveyard

When I got The Graveyard out of a Legendary chest, I wasn't very happy because I didn't know how to use it. Thanks to Ash's guides though, I learned how to use it and it is GREAT! If ignored, it could destroy a tower all by itself! In this deck, I use this along with the miner in order to distract the tower from the Hog Rider.

8.) Fireball

Not much to say about this card either. IT'S A FIREBALL! Use it to take care of the opponent's Minion Horde, supporting troops for the Giant or any other tank, The Musketeer, The Wizard, etc. Also use it on the opponent's tower if it only has 200 or less HP left and win the game.

Things to have in mind:

The Hog Rider + Graveyard + Miner push is a total of 12 elixir. It is only possible to make this push on the double elixir part of a match. Before that, focus on defending or use the Miner + The Graveyard as offense.

Use the Hog Rider when you have an elixir advantage. Your opponent will not have much elixir to counter the Hog Rider. Have the Fireball or The Log ready to counter the opponent's desperate defense and watch your Hog Rider do damage. :D

Hope this deck works well for y'all! Remember to keep calm, and CLASH ON!

Hey guys! It's Tranwiiu here with a deck that got me to 2700 trophies, very close to the Legendary Arena. I am a Level 8 (almost Level 9) and this deck has beaten some of the meta decks in the game right now. I have been using this deck ever since i was in Arena 5 and now I'm almost there. To 3000+ trophies! Here it goes:

The Deck: Avg Elixir Cost: 3.0. Before Ice Spirit came out, I used Skeletons. Before I got the Ice Wizard, I used Musketeer.


Hog Rider (at least lvl 5, lvl 7): The win condition of this deck. I don't know how obvious this card is. Deals heavy damage for 4 elixir.

Ice Wizard (lvl 1): Main defensive troop. Doesn't deal a lot of damage, but its slow ability makes it the best defensive troop in the game. Can be replaced with Fire Spirits, Musketeer, Archers, Spear Goblins, etc.

Ice Spirit (at least lvl 7, lvl 9): One of the best cards in the game. 1 elixir can stop a whole Musketeer from getting too much damage to your tower. On offense, it's very good against Barbarians, Minion Horde, and more! Just insane value for 1 elixir!

Goblins (at least lvl 8, lvl 8): Does decent damage and can "kite" any hard troop such as the Mini P.E.K.K.A.

Minions (at least lvl 8, lvl 9): Great air card for 3 elixir. Nobody want to have to zap 3-elixir minions. Lvl 8 minions are OK but you are in danger of being zapped away.

Zap (at least lvl 9, lvl 9): Lvl 9 zap is VERY IMPORTANT because you will encounter many lvl 9 Goblins players. So the zap is crucial. Nothing else to say about the best card in the game. 0.5 sec stun just can change the game.

Fireball (at least lvl 5, lvl 6): With the Poison being badly nerfed, the Fireball has gained more popularity. It can do heavy damage to supporting troops behind a Giant (such as Witch, Musketeer, Wizard, Barbarians). Can also finish off a tower.

Inferno Tower (at least lvl 5, lvl 6): Best defensive building at the moment. Can decimate a Giant, opposing Hogs, or any tanky troop. Nothing else to say about it.

The Goal of the Deck:

Since this is a Hog Cycle deck, you want to keep pressure on the opponent while still defending really well. That’s why you have cheap cycle cards such as the Ice Spirit.

Common Decks You’ll Face

Lava Hound Decks: Pretty easy to counter is you know what you’re doing. Just place your Inferno Tower 1 tile from your tower and 5 tiles from the bridge. When the Lava Hound explodes, just Zap the pups. For the supporting troops, conserve the Ice Wizard and Minions as much as possible until you really need them. Consider a Fireball as well.

Opposing Hog Decks: Easy counter. Just use an Inferno Tower (2 tiles from tower, 5 tiles from bridge, 3 tiles-4 tiles, or 4 tiles-5 tiles). The supporting troops can, in most cases, be zapped away. Try to counter-push if you can.

Giant Decks: For this, you need to use the Inferno Tower 3-4 tiles. No other placements work. For the supporting troops (I mean such as the Witch, Wizard, Barbarians, Musketeer, Mega Minion, etc.), you need to conserve your fireball and zap when a lot of those troops are coming at you. Use the Ice Wizard and Ice Spirit as well.

Miner Control Decks: If you can predict the placement of the Miner, you are good, Just surround the Miner with Goblins and/or Minions. Then COUNTER-PUSH!

Golem/P.E.K.K.A. Decks: In this case, I’ll talk more on the Golem. As soon and the opponent deploys the Golem, push on the opposite lane (with Hog + Goblins or Hog + Ice Spirit)! It will force the opponent to defend and split up the push. Then use the Inferno Tower on the GOLEM (3-4). Be careful though about the supporting troops!

Royal GG Decks: Obviously very hard to defend. This will be a very weird placement of the Inferno Tower (0-3). This is because the Royal Giant has SO MUCH RANGE! For the supporting troops, try to spam a lot of troops (except the Hog of course).

Spawner Decks: Of course you’ll have to face the most annoying deck in the game! There is not much you can do about it. When the opponent deploys a Barbarian Hut, push the opposite lane. The opponent will not have much elixir, if any, to defend. On defense, just Fireball the Goblin Hut(s). Try to keep your Inferno Tower up at all times if possible.

That’s it for my Hog Cycle Deck! Comment if you have any questions.